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Friday, October 1, 2010

On Track

On Track.  Hello to our new friends!  The link seems to work alright for the Dusty Trails Kit, so try again.  I have a list of things to work on, so I'll add your extreme sports idea to it, Dee. Oh I thought I'd let you know, that the comment system has gotten rid of all those nasty, vile people.  They wasted their time for awhile, but google also has a spam filter now, so even I don't have to read the trash.  Yeah for technology!

Locate the password on the right in the Terms of Use.  Have fun.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Library Card Journaling

Library Card Journaling.  Thanks so much for the nice comments. You are welcome Kim, I add farm elements from time to time.  The links that were reported seem to work for the last few days.  I'm glad you like the new background.  Since I see it everyday, a fresh look now and then is nice for me too.  Leanne, I tried to find your layouts, without success.   If you leave (or email) a direct link, I'll pop over and see them.  Does this paper look different to you?  It's out of the Old School kit.  The grunge paper was layered with the paisley (set at overlay)...just prodding you to play a bit.

  1. Now there are 4 files included, 2 different library cards and the pocket and the front piece. 
  2. Drag the full size pocket into your layout.  Now drag the front piece and align it over the full size piece.  IF YOU WOULD like you can duplicate the layer of the pocket, click on the bottom layer and erase the tab portion of the pocket.  I did this for some of our friends that are newer.  It is how you learn.
  3. Drag a library card into the layout.  If you would like to add text, do it now and lock the card and text layers, merge linked.
  4. Now you can arrange and rotate the card inside the pocket.  If it is set deep into the pocket, erase any part that shows beyond the pocket sides and bottom.
  5. Click Layer>Merge Visible.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hay Day

 Hay Day.  At the time my aunt was watching her only grandchild, so after lunch we would take her with us providing her with time to get some of her chores done.  The cooking, cleaning and laundry for the dozen children residing in her house for the summer must have been quit a chore.  Since it was the hottest part of the day, less strenuous activities filled our afternoons.  Some days we would help with the laundry, other days the cream would be churned for butter or we head off for the blueberry patch to fill our bellies as we picked.  Other days we'd saddle the horses and head over to drag another cousin "home", or just spend the afternoon riding.

About the time my uncle came home from work, it was off to the barn to milk and feeding the cows again.  The one cow who had to be milked by hand, had a young calf who had to be bottle feed.  We took very good care of him and he grew quite well over the summer.  In for dinner and off to the hay fields again.  We would work until dark, or if rain was forecast, until it was all in the barn safe from the weather.  Now it sounds like nothing but work, yet we returned every summer willingly.  I'm not sure you could get me in a hay field today (maybe if I was promised the driving), but we were all working together, talking, laughing and having fun.

Monday, September 27, 2010


Every summer we went to visit my aunt's house, but my mother would say "earn your keep".  My uncle would wake us up at 5 am to have breakfast and than off to feed the cows.  The dairy cows were far more work than the beef cows.  After  getting them into the barn and feeding them, the milking began.  Luckily for us that he had machines, although there was the one cow which needed milked by hand.  The barn would then need to be cleaned, and trust me all those cow's make quite the mess.  Now while it's still cool, the tractor and trailer are off to the field that's been mowed and baled.  We would put the youngest kid on the tractor to drive, and the rest of us kids would be on the trailer stacking or in the field throwing up the 50 or 90 lb. bales.  It's 11 am and time to head in for lunch.  The day has just began.  I'll finish this story tomarrow.