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Friday, December 31, 2010

Polar Pals

Hello everyone!  Hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and may you have a great New Year.  Today is the first day I have had alone since school started I think.  The grandchildren were here this week, and I had to make the boys come in, so they didn't freeze.  Well you have probably guessed!  I thought they were just like Polar Pals.  Inspired by the concept and here is the final result.  The sign is blank so that you can add text if you'd like.  The borders are included, but also included are some of the smaller pieces, so that you can make something of your own.

Just a note for the newer gals to scrapbooking.  When you add the drop shadow for the "ice" objects, if you would look on the right of the layer and double click on the lock, you will be able to adjust the shadow.  Move the slider until you are satisfied with the look (for my preview the shadow was set to 10).  Try this with any other items when your not happy after adding the drop shadow.