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Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Boys Papers #5

So I thought that I'd do some scrapbooking yesterday and the layouts turned out well. The photo's on my computer are all finished. Now I can upload the ones from the camera and get working on them. We had lots of fun at the lake last week and the grandkids seemed to really enjoy themselves too. I have some stuff I made before we left and have it all posted, use whatever you'd like. Download the My Boys Paper#5 (reloaded and a new link ) and the Alpha Caps here.

Truck Papers and Embellishments

These papers were for a truck page. I used all the hubcaps for a border, but they would probably be good for other things. So for all of you that are new, if you like one element and want to use several, brads for instance, adjust the element to the size you would like, select layer, duplicate layer and now you have 2. Just move one to its proper place. I think this is the best way to keep all your Brads the same size. Download the Boys Toys Papers and the Boys Toys Embellishments.

Chipboard Alphabets

and made the Alphas in capitals and lower case, I thought they might go well with this truck paper I had made. A bunch of tires and a few other things. When the paper was laid out, I made an overlay and of course the colors are easy to change, so I may put all of them in a file for you just in case you don't need red. I will add these in the next post. You can download the Capital Chipboard Alphas and the Lower Case Chipboard Alphas here.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

More Papers Added

I added some more papers. I know there is a lot of them but I was making albums for several little boys. if you'd like to make your own. In case you haven't used a template before. Open the Template, (this one has 2 layers). Chose 2 papers you'd like to use and place one above each layer of the template. On each the paper layer click Crtl+g, (or in your layers palette, chose group with previous). Your finished or you can add anything else you want now. Have fun. Download My Boys Paper#4 and Embellishments #3.