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Friday, April 2, 2010

Hippity Hoppity

Sorry it's so late, blogger was acting up this morning. The download includes a basket and handle. Remember you can resize the eggs, so there is some variation. All the eggs are separate files.
  1. Drag the basket into your layout.
  2. Drag in the eggs and position them.
  3. Also included is a handle, drag it in the layers above the eggs and align it with the basket below. This sets the eggs behind the front edge of the basket. Now erase the back edge so that all your eggs show.
  4. Finished! Lock all the layers together and click Layers>Merge linked.
The fastest way to set the eggs into the grass is...
  1. Drag the grass into your layout.
  2. Layout your eggs.
  3. Now duplicate the grass layer and move it down until your happy with the positioning. The eggs now seem to be sitting in the grass, and you have avoided a lot of erasing.
  4. Link the layers in your "grass layout". You don't have to do this but it makes the layers palette clearer to work in.
  5. Click Layers>Merge linked. Have Fun.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Month Frames

Month Frames. It includes a mask. All the files are black.
  1. Drag the mask into your layout.
  2. Position the photo in the layer above the mask and Crtl+g.
  3. Now drag the month frame into your layout and position it over the photo.
  4. Add a new layer and add color or paper.
  5. Now lock all the layers together, from this last layer, click the lock back down to the mask. Click Layer>merge grouped.
  6. Position your photo anywhere on the page you'd like. Have Fun.
This afternoon, I'll load some more items into the other blog, CU Designs. I have been making the note for you, that these items were originally posted here. So that you would know if these were things you may have already downloaded.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Playtime. In order to fit the images in the download the trains, planes and automobiles were downsized about 50%. Have fun.