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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Page Borders

Page Borders.
  • The download includes the files shown. You may recolor them easily, by creating a new layer, crtl +g (to group with previous) and adding a new color (or paper). To finish, Layer> merge visible.
  • But we are going to learn a little about the gradient tool (it's just below the paint bucket).
  • Make a new layer and crtl +g. Select the gradient tool and at the top you will see a blend of colors, if you select it you will see the gradients that are loaded. (Clicking on Load shows all the other gradients in your program). Pick the colors you wish to use and start at the corner of the layer and drag it to the opposite corner and you will achieve a look similar to the leaf border in the fall colors shown. When you are finished click Layer>merge visible.
  • And last, to use the border with type, as shown in the preview.
  • Select a font that you wish to use and type whatever you like. (This is an easy way to personalize your page). Position the word over the page border, now click on the border layer and select your eraser and erase all the border under your type. When you are finished click Layer>merge visible. Have Fun.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Now Showing

Now Showing. Glad you can use these, Thanks for the remarks. I wanted to pull some stills off the old home movies my dad had taken. He converted them to VHS, and I have put them on DVD now. I wonder what they'll be using when my grandchildren are my age! Have fun...