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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Early Spring

Can you tell where my mind is?  I am certainly ready for some much warmer weather.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Questions answered

First I'd like to thank those of you that have left a note of concern.  It is heartfelt I assure you.  I just got very busy and tired, so I took some time to do the things I had to do.

I have reloaded the links that were not working and reported.  Also I reloaded the Christmas links, Valentine and the Presidents photo's.  And I'd like to apologize to the gal who left the note about the Mountain Sheep, I am very sorry, I thought I'd fixed that.

There have been a few comments that I need to address.  First I do not want my kits used commercially, you may not load them into any file sharing site, you may not tear them apart and load them into a file sharing site. 

If you scrap for hire, the pages must be flattened with your clients photographs. In other words you did some actual work, and are not just sharing my files for profit.  I, and other sites may not agree, consider church, school and children's organization fundraiser's to fall into this category.  When you create an annual, church cookbook or other item which is flattened and printed, in which you receive no compensation, but a profit is made for a school or charitable organization, it would fall into this category.

I hope this helps with your projects.  I have put together a new kit for you, see you tomorrow.