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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Your Name is Mud Papers

I had some photo's of the boys jeepin'. Covered in Mud, but they had been converted to sepia before I got them and I needed some color. My mother used to say this, it meant you were in trouble, big trouble.  Your name is mud papers, Elements and Alpha. Update...I finally realized one evening, watching a program about President Lincoln, that the saying "Your name is Mud", probably came from Dr. Mudd, who set John Wilkes Booth's leg after the assassination of the President. Now that was big trouble!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


This was where I started.  Mallard Papers. And the Mallard Elements here.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Photoshop Lesson The Burn Tool

So Jack was here last week and really liked the frame in October Fest. The paper is however lighter than the frame. I did this so that if you wanted to use them together they would contrast. But it also left me the opportunity to teach you something new. If you would like to darken or age something you will use The Burn Tool. On you left you will see a clenched hand, select your burn tool. On the top select midtones and try it at 100 %. If you want it little lighter, move the percentage down. (remember if you don't like something, just click EDIT>undo.) You should have a brush selected, I usually use a round default, try a hard edge and a soft edge and see which you like. Also set the size, maybe 200. Take your brush along the edge of the paper and it'll start to burn or darken the edge. ( I used it over the entire frame and if I remember correctly, I than set it to shadows? and and did the edge). If you want to do the entire sheet of paper, than, set your brush size larger, because it's just faster. You can change the look of any paper, frame, element this way. Or just do the outside edge and it'll give it that "inked look".