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Friday, September 12, 2008

Copper Alpha

A new alphabet for you. Download the Copper Capitals Alpha.

Something September

Well here's some new colors that will be called Something September, these are all the colors. Something for everyone, so if you would like the Plaid Papers for Something September click here.

How to turn a photo into Background Paper

Open the photo you wish to use. First, Click Layer, duplicate layer (photo) I'd discard the orginal layer and then rename the duplicate photo, in order to preserve the original.
Second, Select the crop tool and set the dimensions that you want your finished print. (So if your printing 8.x11, set the width at 8 and the heighth at 11 and the resoulution at 300 pixels per inch) the will let you know exactly what you are going have when you are finished.
Third, Crop the photo and don't worry if it not exactly where you wanted to be. Now until you accept this action, you can move the shape and position it where you would like and when you are satisfied double click on the photo. (Remember you can select EDIT>UNDO CROP if it's not right.)
Now in your layers palette (on the right side) is the little black and white circle click it and click Hue saturation and here you can adjust the hue, saturation and adjust the color. OR... If you have a color picked (foreground) then select the little box at the bottom left, in the Hue saturation and it will colorize the photo, this can be a very nice look. OR...
At the top of the pick Enhance> Adjust Color> and Color varitions, clicking the lighten option 3 or 4 times can make for a dreamy or foggy look, and make a nice subdued background too.
The last 2 options are my favorites, good luck Jim and if you need help let me know.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Boo Papers and Boo Elements.

Monday, September 8, 2008


I forgot, well kinda. I was going to split the kit up to make smaller downloads and that's really what I forgot to do. So here are the ribbons and the little dog that is shown in an earlier layout so download My Buddy Blake Ribbons.

And the Final Harvest papers

And here the the Harvest Papers, that will be it on the Harvest stuff for awhile. Also, I forgot to put the ribbons into the My Buddy Blake.Harvest Papers #6.

More Harvest Papers

Harvest Papers #5.

My Buddy Blake

Something a little different for those who have other photo's to scrapbook yet.  and I thought these colors we'd call My Buddy Blake.