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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Freaky Frogs

 Freaky Frogs.    Thanks so much for the nice comments.  It is really funny how fascinated we were with pong and now look at how advanced the games are!  Something a bit more whimsical.  The lily pads are all in separate files and you can just lay as many as you wish.  Because they are all similar in color, one of the leaves in the preview was darkened just a bit to make them stand out from one another.  Also the frame is actually in 2 pieces, the back one is open so you would what the use your shape tool to cut your photo into a cirle.  The front one is closed and not exactly circular.  To place your photo into this layer. Duplicate the frame on the bottom layer, fill it with your paint bucket.  Drag your photo in between the 2 layers and group it to the layer you just filled (crtl+g).  Merge visible, You should be good to go and have fun.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bath Time

Bath Time.  Hello everyone. I hope that you had a wonderful time with your families over the long 4th weekend.  We went to Jack's for BBQ and fireworks and had a wonderful time.  My hubby was home on Monday (and he really should tell me ahead of time).  Yesterday 4 of the grandchildren came over and played on the slip and slide.  It was getting hot and I didn't want them to burn, so after lunch we played a little bowling on the Wii and Johnny shot 221 and 216.  It's really amazing how fast they catch on.  But we should have come in before lunch, none of the children are sunburned, but my poor toes are.  Next time I sit under an umbrella, I'll be sure that my feet are under it too.  Throwing out some of our baby things, not without a photo first.  These have been the bath toys for all 5 of my grandchildren.   The bubbles and tub are in separate files for you.