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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Scalloped Templates

I made these scalloped templates and they further your digital scrapbooking. You can use any paper that you download on these shapes. Open your project and drag the template into it. Just positon it below the paper you wish to use and CRTL+g (or layer>group with previous) and you have the shape. You may add drop shadows or bevels, whatever you would like at this time. Download the Scalloped Edge Templates here. Also I added a custom search engine, just above the Dreamsfulfilled title, it is suppose to be geared towards free digital scrapbook kits.

Harvest Papers #4

I have put together the lesson on templates again and some scalloped templates and edges that I made and it will be the next post. But I didn't want my coments to interfer with the instructions to use them. It's really easy and you will find that it opens a whole new element to the papers that you download. It's not always easy to find what you want, (especially for free). So if you take the time to learn this one step, even if you never use the Templates gals make for an entire layout, you will be glad you did. I plan to add a list of links, of other sites with free digital scrapbook kits. As always as I have time. So here is Harvest Papers #4.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Harvest Embellishments #3

So I started looking through my files, and think that I can put together some Halloween things together. So we'll start on that next. And we'll keep working on the lessons, so that it'll make it easier to put together the pages that you want in shorter periods of time. And I put together another Element set. So if you would like these download the Harvest Embellishment #3 here. I really think these would make good heritage papers and would be just fine for girls also.

Harvest Embellishments #2

So here's some more of the embellishments that match the Harvest Papers. Harvest Embellishments #2 here.