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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Photoshop Lesson 2

Now the most important thing to remember is that when you resize something, YOU MUST DOUBLE CLICK TO ACCEPT THE CHANGE!!! First, CLCIK ON THE MOVE TOOL (at top left, move your cursor over the icons until you find it in Tools) YOU MUST CLICK ON THE MOVE TOOL BEFORE YOU CAN MOVE ANYTHING. Drag the papers into the postions that you would like, one at a time, if you want to resize anything select the layer in the layers palette (on the right side) and you will see a bounding box, put your cursor at one corner and pull in the direction you would like the layer resized, (if you want the proportions to stay exact, as in a photograph, than just above your work is the w(idth) a LOCK and H(eighth), click on the lock to maintain the proportions and DOUBLE CLICK TO ACCEPT. Second, Bring your photograph(s) into your layout. At this point I would close the original photo's. DO THIS BEFORE ANY EDITING to perserve the original. Third, Now you can crop the photo's (if you want) Fourth, On the left had side, in the tool bar, find the Crop tool (move your cursor over the icons until you find it) and click and drag over the part of the photo you would like to keep. If this is not where you like it just move the box until it is. When you are satisfied DOUBLE CLICK TO ACCEPT. If you are not happy, at the top of the menu click EDIT> UNDO CROP. Fifth, Now you can resize the photograph for your layout. Remember step one, and lock the proportions, so you friends and family don't turn out all distorted.

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