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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Lesson One

I meet another gal last night, who had photoshop and didn't know how to use it. It can be a little tough at first, I think because you don't have a book in your hands to read. I am going to start with the steps to use Digital Kits. So we'll start at the beginning with Photoshop Elements,and list the steps, to begin Scrapbooking Digitally.
First, click on the icon on your desktop to open Photoshop Elements
Second, click on the icon Quickly Fix Photo's
Third, click on Standard Edit (at top right hand)
Fourth, click File> New> Blank File and select Custom and enter the size you would like your layout to be. (as 12 inches by 12 inches, or 8 by 8 or 8.5 by 11) and set the Resolution to 300 pixels/inch. and the color mode to RGB color, and the Background to White or Transparent.
Fifth, Now locate the kit you wish to use on your computer, you can either...
click File> Open> (and locate the kit) or open the file, and drag the paper over the Editor at the bottom of your screen and wait for it to open the program...
then hold it over the photo bin at the bottom left hand corner, and when you see the little square frame with the plus+ sign, release your mouse and the paper will load.
YOU WILL DO THIS FOR EACH ITEM YOU WANT TO USE ON THE PAGE. (If it asks to assign and RGB color, choose yes as it will be important for your printer and the quality will be much better.)

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