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Friday, March 11, 2011

Welcome Isabella!

Welcome to the world, Isabella!!!  Now you gals probably think that I've been off goofing off.  Not so, and I thought I'd show you.  I have been making this kit as a baby gift for month's now.  Some lace, lots of new ribbons and bows.  It will be written to a a cd and given to Isabella and her mother.  And since we expected her to arrive this week, it was important to get it finished.

Our friends, Paul and Laura's first granddaughter was born this week, Mercy.  She is doing well considering she came very early, at 2 pounds.

Have fun.



  1. How lovely...what a superb gift...I'm sure it will be greatly appreciated...I'll bet there'll be lots of pages of Mercy scrapped!! x

  2. please make this kit available to us,
    thank you. :)