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Thursday, February 3, 2011


The First Lesson from Sanders Second Reader June 1853.

I know a great man who is as kind and gentle as a child, and yet he is full of courage.

He never speaks a cross word; he is always happy, and thinking what he can do to make others happy.

To him the world is full of beauty.  He knows the name of every little flower, and can tell you all about the birds, beasts, fishes and insects.

When he walks out, he looks  upon the earth as a lovely garden, which God himself has planted, and in which He has placed man, that he may enjoy its beauty.

He loves to listen to the wind, to hear the birds sing, and to watch the moving clouds.  He feels happy to know that he, and all things, were made by the hand of God.

But this great man was once a little boy.  He had his hours for study, and his hours for play.

One day, while this little boy was walking by himself in the garden, he saw a toad hopping along his path.

He took up a stone to throw at it; but, just as he was raising his arm, something seemed to warn him not to do it.

No one was with him, and no one spoke to him; yet he felt that he must not throw the stone.  He dropped it, ran home, and told his mother.

"What was it, mother," said he, "that made me drop the stone?"

"It was conscience," said his mother; "and my dear boy, if you would be wise and happy, be sure that you always listen to this voice."

The boy was careful to follow his mother's advice.  He strove to obey the teachings of conscience, and he became a great and good man.


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