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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Password Protected

I am in the process still of reloading the files into 4 share. I decided that password protecting the files would be the best way to safeguard the bandwidth. Because the RSS Readers are being used to pick up our direct links, in essence redistributing the kits with the links, the required password will prevent their downloads. I CAN'T INCLUDE THE PASSWORD IN THE BODY OF THE POSTS, in order for it to work. The password is located on the right side of the screen in the Terms of Use. I'll give you a gentle reminder over the next few days. You will still get the premium download speed.


  1. Thanks for all your work to keep up the blog - I appreciate your freebies!

  2. lmbo at the password u chose ... i tend to 'shout' out at the rudies at 4shared when i see virtually no tkus there .. brat that i am LOL
    tks from canada

  3. This is by far some of the best art I have found for BOYS!!! Love it. Graduation link and a few others are broken. But for the most part I was beyond pleased and able to get stuff that will be great for my boys scrapbooks.

  4. I am always so impressed and plesently surprised by your kits! They're so well done and unique. Thanks for all your hard work!

    Also, would you consider doing a cinco de mayo kit? There's not much out there to scrapbook our anual cinco de mayo party!

    Thanks again!

  5. Thank you for your wonderful kits. They are so original and inspiring.