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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Photo Filter Lesson

Jackson had his first snowboarding lesson. The photo seemed a little washed out, actually only one was a good picture of him. I thought this filter option made the scene look a little dreamy.
  1. Open the photo drag it into your layout (and if you click layer & duplicate layer and run the filter on the duplicate you can easily see the difference when you are finished.
  2. Click Filter & Adjustments & Photo Filter& here I chose Cooling (82), but you may each option and determine which is best for you. There are warming settings and several colors. Or you can click the color you want and adjust the intensity.
  3. When you have it finished, with the photo's side by side, you can see the change in the look. If you don't care for the result. Click Edit>undo and rerun the filter with a different setting. And as always Have Fun.

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