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Friday, April 10, 2009

Vellum Tags

Vellum Tags. I don't use a lot of tags, but made some "vellum" for the last kit. If you would like to color them, as I did.
  1. Open the tag.
  2. Make a new layer, and crtl+g (layer>group with previous)
  3. Add the color. (I left the setting at normal, you can play if you want)
  4. Last Layer>merge visible.
Now the easiest way to add the tie is...(only takes a moment)
  1. Drag the tag into your layout (Because the file isn't large enough)
  2. Drag the tie into your layout and duplicate the layer.
  3. Drag the duplicate layer under the tag layer. (you have one above and below the tag.)
  4. ON THE TOP layer, erase the area you think should be under the tag.
  5. Link the 3 layers together, Click on the tag and now in the 2 tie layers, click next to the eye and you should see a little lock.
  6. Click layer> merge linked. (Now you can move it anywhere you wish)