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Friday, February 20, 2009

Jeep and Template

Jeep and Template. Thanks for the comments, it's encouraging. The tip about the saving files in TIFF, has sure come in handy on my computer. Although the files are larger in size than .psd, a preview isn't needed, so finding things had gotten a whole lot easier. Thanks!


  1. Hi Ashley! I came across your blog when looking for hockey stuff for my son's layouts a while a go and totally lost the link somewhere. Thank goodness I was look for other boy stuff tonight when low and behold your blog appeared again. I have now added it to a special bookmark folder so I can visit more often. I won't lose it this time :) I wanted to thank you for your fantastic work. It's rare to find a site without so many flowers LOL My boy don't care for such things yet as he is only 8. So thank you thank you thank you ever so much for sharing. I was wondering, as I read your post in re to saving files in tiff so you can view them, if you have a program that saves in .png format. If so, they can be viewed in your browser and files can be saved with a transparent background too. I agree tiff is so large and a terrible waste of hd space. I haven't opened the one I downloaded today so I am not sure what format they are saved in. But anyhey, thank you again. I hope you don't mind if I drop by every so often and say hi when I can. My boy keeps me pretty busy and I can only find time when he is asleep and I am not bushed from running after him all day LOL