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Monday, January 26, 2009

What a Knock Out

Michelle ask for a Boxing Kit in these colors. Honestly, I cringed a little at the prospect. I couldn't image ever using it for my cute little grandson's. Then after some thought, I realized there was some real opportunities for photo's with them wrestling around on the ground, the youngest still trips over his own feet, of just a gorgeous smile, and we're at the naming of the Kit. Download What a Knock Out 


  1. Thanks for the boxing papers. We have the WII and there is boxing on it so this will be great to do LO of the kids and grandkids playing it.
    How about Hockey. Do you have anything?

  2. Thanks for the boxing papers! My son wrestles- and there is absolutely NOTHING for wrestling in digital scrapbooking- do you hav anything for that?

  3. Hey hun I just came across this fabby kit at CraftCave but when I click the link it says I need a password to download & I'm not seeing a PW above? I know it's an old kit & if it's not available anymore then I understand.

  4. Kelly, You must download the kits from the blog. I have had to password the kits because some sites were giving out the link and I am paying for the bandwidth. All the newer ones contain directions to locate it on the right in the terms of use. I am sorry that I have not made it back this far to add the note. Enjoy!

  5. I am so pleased to find two boxing kits. My father has advanced Alzheimer's disease and when in the royal air force he was in the boxing team. Leaving the air force his love of the sport continued. I am trying to make a scrapbook of his life. Thank you so much for helping me to cover this important part of his life.